Anticipating The Future

“Japan is a strong unified culture rapidly changing toward Western ideals. The youth especially look toward the U.S. as a model.” ~ Cherel Ito

When you look at the image of this beautiful child, what do you see? Innocence and dreams? Her expression shows no bias, prejudice, tragedy or loss. From all appearances, she has not yet been tainted with the harsh realities of life. She is free of the difficulties and struggle that arise purely out of the human condition.

What will the future hold for this precious child? Will she fulfill her dreams? Will she become a woman telling her story through the arts, a mother, a doctor, a banker or spirtual leader? Will she live a simple life or will she be a woman who leaves her native soil to travel  the globe on a spirtual journey in search for more?

What we wish for this child, is what we wish for every child. A life without barriers – filled with friendship, beauty and love.

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