Among the People

Looking like figures from the Bible”  ~ Cherel Ito 

How do you separate people that look like figures from the Bible and those that don’t? You would need the ability to recognize attributes such as integrity, wisdom, loyalty, determination, temperance, gentleness, fortitude, kindness, endurance, peacefulness, humility, prudence and faith.  One must be able to cast aside first impressions, preconceived notions and opinions about the physical, in order to see the depth of the human soul. 

Cherel Ito had that ability! And she used it so very well, capturing details of the human spirit, through her photographic images. She knew that people all over the world are just people, more alike than different. And that we all share fundamental needs for security, belonging and identity. 

She recognized, that if we allow ourselves to look deep enough, people share the same fruits of the spirit, all over the world. We can find common ground as a people, if we use our moral compass, to steer us with compassion, respectfulness and truth. 

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