Art is Universal

“Today my eyes are singing.” ~ Cherel Ito  

When photographer Cherel Ito came across this artist in Bolivia playing a pan flute, what do you think first attracted her to her subject? Was it the glorious, harmonious sounds that drew her in or was it the musicality and pleasure that was reflected in the eyes of the musician? 

Although some musical instruments are unique to certain parts of the world, the joy that music brings to one’s life is universal. Music stirs a spiritual awakening, it brings a sense of peace and relaxation and it adds a certain richness to our experience as human beings.

Cherel wrote of “her eyes singing.” She was at her best when,  throughout her travels, she found artists who shared the same sense of intense fulfillment as she did through the lens of her camera and through other mediums of Art.  

 This photograph brought to you by and

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