A Common Language

Friendship based on love and spirit, make life so easy.”                  ~ Cherel Ito 

Friendship is a common language spoken among people all over the world. Cherel Ito fulfilled her dream by witnessing and capturing this language, called “friendship,” through the lens of her camera, in many places where she went. 

People in all socio-economic groups have what it takes to be successful, when it comes to being a good friend. True friendship involves feelings, not money. Universally, friendship is the best currency there is. In some cultures, friendships and other human relationships is the only currency that flows abundantly. 

 “It takes being a good friend to have a good friend.” It means expressing genuine concern and caring when someone needs you the most. It means lending a hand. Friendship means sharing interests, sharing good times and bad, listening to the hearts of others and being kind. Few people would dispute that a life filled with genuine friends is one of the richest experiences we can have. 

It appears that these little Mexican girls are off to a great start!

This image brought to you by www.cherelitobook.com and www.throughthelensofhercamera.com.

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