Providing for Others

“The attraction for me is it’s simplicity. There is a sense of rhythm- a balance with nature and the people” – Cheryl Ito

It is market day! The image of this vendor was taken through the lens of her camera, by Cherel Ito in Morocco. This woman is helping to supply her community with fruits of the earth, so peopleĀ can be fulfilled nutritionally with what they need to be healthy and strong. It would be a dream fulfilled if there was enough food around the world, with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to pick from at the market, so that no child would go to bed hungry. According to, hunger is linked to more than one half of child deaths, each and every year.

As we look at this image, we wonder whether a decent wage is made by this market vendor and by the farmers who have grown this produce. Farmers around the world continue to toil despite low wages and difficult working conditions because their pride in growing their own crops and having an abundance to feed others may be payment enough.

This photograph brought to you by and

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