Haitian Happiness

Haiti is so gentle and romantic…the mysteries of this island run deep.”~ Cherel Ito 

Photographer Cherel Ito knew about dreams! A dream of hers was fulfilled as she traveled to Haiti capturing it’s people, using her insightful eye, through the lens of her camera.

Visitors come to Washington, DC, from all over the world every year. Thousands of women and men annually visit the Museum of Women in the Arts www.nmwa.org to see how women have used their creativity to create inspiring art. It is an ideal museum to have a permanent collection of Cherel Ito’s photographic images. What a wonderful tribute to a woman whose life was dedicated to artistic self-expression. A book is available now through the internet, filled with the images of Cherel’s photographic journeys. To order, go to http://bit.ly/b4tHGl.

Cherel photographed this beautiful Haitian girl. Many years ago, she also wrote in her journals that the “feeling of contentment was prevalent” in Haiti. These remarks make us wonder whether with each bubble this young girl blew, did she make a wish? Was there a dream inside of each bubble? Have her wishes come true or has her bubble of dreams been burst? 

Haiti is a country that has experienced recent turmoil, struggle and strife. It puts our lives, as Americans, in great perspective when we think of the unfortunate circumstances there. From Cherel’s journal writings we know that she viewed Haiti as a place of contentment. Will it ever be returned to the state that Cherel wrote about?

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