People in Balance – Cultural Exchange

There is a sense of rhythm – a balance between nature and the people walk around connected with their environment. ~ Cherel Ito  

Cherel Ito’s photographic journeys took her to places, such as Morocco, where most people from the United States will never have the opportunity to see. In her journal writings, she mentions that her attraction to a such as place is the simplicity of the country, it’s majestic mountain landscape, and a feeling of refuge. Sounds like a dream,  fulfilled, much like places in the United States where vacationers seeking to escape city living and the hustle and bustle of their chaotic lives go. 

However, if we look at the image captured, through the lens of her camera, we see an environment far different from the new civilization and culture of the United States. Cherel Ito described a city in Morocco as “a holy city” , dating back to the end of the 15th century. It is the history and the cultural diversity that Cherel craved, as she traveled photographing place to place across the seas, far from the modern civilization of our country. 

Insight into the lives of these two Moroccan girls pictured hold mystery for us as Americans. These little girls are  living amongst ancient surroundings, unlike what  many of us have ever seen before.  It is the kind of image that Cherel liked to return home with, as cultural exchange, for people of the United States to see.

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