Motherly Love

“The children have tremendous clarity and perception.” ~ Cherel Ito 

This photographic image, captured by Cherel Ito, is about a unique love, a universal love, a richly deep and everlasting love that only a mother can experience. Although we know nothing about this mother and child, we can easily imagine all the maternal emotions this woman may have been feeling as she cared for her offspring: 

  • Devotion – deep and devout
  • A wish – that her child live a long life – free of disease
  • Awe – at the miracle of life
  • Compassion – for her child during his or her weakest moments
  • A dream – that her child will have everything truly essential to live a life fulfilled.
  • Awareness –  that as a mother, she would sacrifice all for her child
  • Gratefulness – unfaltering and steadfast – for the treasure she has been given 

For a child, the tender love a mother can instinctively feel and give is what every child needs for a strong foundation. There is no better prize a mother can give a child than undivided time together. 

Photographer Cherel Ito was gifted with an innate sense of when to snap the camera to capture life’s most intimate moments and emotions. But it is no wonder. She was a woman –in tune with her strong intuition. “Through the Lens of Her Camera” is a photographic journal dedicated to the woman who knew exactly how to best use her intuition – to perfect her Art.


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