Capturing Beauty in Aging

Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” ~ Cherel Ito 

Well, it is a New Year! With each year added to their lives, human beings ripen a little more. Many do not like the physical changes that come with aging, however, there are advantages to getting older. In the senior years of one’s life, many retirees are finally able to find the time to travel, pursue hobbies, spend more time with family and can say at the end of their lives, the dreams they had for their lives, have been fulfilled. To learn how many seniors are finding satisfaction their lives, please visit

American’s are so focused on beauty. The human condition requires that we age. Throughout our lives, our bodies go through changes and it is shown in our physical being. No one is exempt! There are things we can do to live in our elder years with dignity and we can do our part in aging well. We can eat nutritionally, make sure our bodies remain fit and also always remember that positive living can extend life. It does wonders to think and act young. 

Knowing what we do about the fine, sensitive nature that photographer and filmmaker Cherel Ito had, we have to assume she photographed this woman to give evidence that age is beautiful! Each line on this woman’s face is a demarcation of a year in her life. Each wrinkle represents a joy, a sorrow, a birth, a death, a stress that she has faced. Life’s relationships are reflected in her face, too. Each day she was alive on this earth, this woman’s wrinkles deepened, thanks to nature!  Nature provides the most beautiful sights there are to behold. There is wonder in that! Life is a gift, and longevity is a special blessing. 

The photographs featured in Through the Lens of Our Camera, are testimonies to human dignity. Cherel Ito knew exactly how to capture it best. Much can be learned through this stunning book of photography, to order, please visit

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