Browse the Crowds

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” ~ Kofi Annan

One definition of multimedia is “the use of different media to convey information.” Cherel Ito fulfilled her dream as an artist through multi-media – photography, filmmaking and journal writing. She photographed her subjects in places around the world sometimes while shopping in open air markets and doing everyday chores. The interaction between people at open air markets in places like Morocco, Portugal and Greece provided fantastic opportunities for Cherel to fulfill her dreams of capturing the perfect shot. 

In open air markets less packaging, little cellophane and fewer labels are needed to describe the products. People buy because of their visceral response to the colors, textures, smell and touch of the fresh food they see. Not only are the goods sold mostly in a raw, unwrapped state but shoppers in open air markets relish the opportunity to visit with the farmers and producers of the “goods.” Browsers look forward to discussing the challenges of weather in growing the produce, how the food got to the market, how it was made and there is little need for a label to declare “organically grown.” 

Cherel took every opportunity she could, to capture the emotions and interactions of people that she encountered throughout a day. What fascinated her was the diversity of people and their cultures. Her photography would be her gift to people, from all over the world she traveled, long after she was gone. 

To order a book of Cherel Ito’s stunning photography, please visit The book was published to compliment the exhibition that honored her work at The Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington, DC.

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