Keeping the Embers Going

Where life is hard people depend upon and help each other.” ~ Cherel Ito 

This photo was taken many years ago by photographer Cherel Ito. The image was captured through the lens of her camera in the 1960’s, before our country began to fully comprehend how the corporate world can partner with non-profit organizations to benefit underserved people and nations around the globe. This emotion-filled image could be used as perfect promotion for a non-profit organization, called Blankets for the Homeless. 

Those without shelter are kept warm, in the cold of the night, by Blankets for the Homeless. This organization also keeps the embers going in the hearts of underserved communities of people, by giving them hope that there are individuals and organizations that do care and are keeping watch. For more information on this organization’s mission, please visit

Photographer Cherel Ito was a visionary and as her friend Lani Alpert Hall stated, “Cherel’s empathy hung on her sleeve.” Her deep compassion for people of all cultures was apparent in the photographic images she captured, through her work in the filmmaking industry and in her touching journal writings. Now, as we look back on her photography, we realize Cherel’s dream was fulfilled because her images teach us so much about the human condition and the world in which we live. This is exactly what Cherel intentions were, when she set out with camera in hand. 

To read more about this extraordinarily gifted, multi-media artist and the book that honors her work, please visit

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