A Sociological Study in Cultures

There aren’t as many unanswerables as one might think. Thought in it’s purest form is a basis for sanity, curiosity, awareness.” ~ Cherel Ito  

The book Through the Lens of Her Camera is a study in sociology, of sorts. This publication is not a volume compiled from research papers filled with data. It contains images from worldly travels which when viewed as a body of work, represents a study in differences of people, nationalities and cultures. Even those photographs contained in the book that were captured throughout Cherel’s domestic travels, are studies in portraiture that what many would consider to be not the norm or not images of mainstream “apple-pie” Americans. They may be a considered a dream fulfilled for sociologists. 

Cherel’s photographic studies are an example of the very definition of sociology, which according to www.wiktionary.org  is the study of society, human social interaction, and the rules and processes that bind and separate people not only as individuals, but as members of associations, groups, and institutions.

There is very little difference in personal fulfillment that comes with having years of research become published and recognized by academia as an award-winning resource book, filled with the most leading-edge facts, figures and statistics and having a study of photographic portrait images exhibited and collected by a national art museum, just for women. www.nmwa.org.  Both honor their creators, their studies and leave legacies, as important bodies of work.

To learn more about the collection of work that photographer Cherel Ito left behind for the world to see and learn from, through her photographic studies, please visit www.throughthelensofhercamera.com.


This image brought to you by www.cherelito.com, www.cherelitobook.com and www.throughthelensofhercamera.com.

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