Documenting the Past

“..only two obstacles – camera broken and Indians refuse photos, But I take it all into my heart.” ~ Cheryl Ito

Many of Cherel Ito’s photographic journeys took her to places outside of the United States. During the late 1960’s and again in the 1980’s, Cherel spent her days capturing images and impressions of native Indian tribes here in this country, through the lens of her camera. Cherel had a deep appreciation for nature, the spiritual life and she lived her life with authenticity, just as the Native Americans do. Native American’s lives are fulfilled in following the rhythms of the seasons and they are bound to the past by the wisdom of their ancestors.

The image of this Indian is a perfect example of truth being captured in the faces of people all over the world through Cherel Ito’s photography. When we look at this image, there is little that needs to be translated into words. This Indian chief’s proud heritage shines through and is documented in this image.

Cherel respected the limitations that were often placed on her photographic opportunities while visiting Indian reservations. She was protective and respectful of sacred spaces, and only took the opportunity to photograph the tribal people when given approval.

Cherel was always on the beat for the next image to add to her photographic journals.When she was unable to document through images, she was always recording what she saw deep within her heart. Those, too, were glorious moments of self-growth as a photographer. As a professional photographer, writer and filmmaker, Cherel was committed to her work and was constantly inspired by the diversity of people and their cultures no matter where she went.

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