Harmony among People

 “My photography is committed to the discovery of the basic spirit of human beings in their natural environment.” ~ Cherel Ito 

Cherel Ito’s photography is retained in a permanent collection in the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. Her book Through the Lens of her Camera www.cherelitobook.com was published in conjunction with the National Exhibit, so that those who can not visit the Museum can get a glimpse into this stunning collection of portraits of people from around the world. Cherel’s photography and her journal writings are an in-depth reflection of Cherel’s soul. Her life became a dream fulfilled, as she traveled to find knowledge and understanding of different cultures, through the lens of her camera. 

In 1977, Cherel visited Japan. One can’t help but think that Cherel found great communion with the nature of the Japanese people. The Japanese people’s character, because of their existence under autocratic rule for so many years, is often described as people who place much emphasis on harmony and cooperation in working together as a group. http://bit.ly/cHR18q

It has been written that Cherel would “labor in the dark room getting just the right hue, shadow, light, frame and emotional depth.” Japan became Cherel’s laboratory for discovering the harmony traits in the soul of people. She honed her craft of finding tranquility within her subjects and reflecting that emotional depth in the portrait images she took of Japanese people. 

 It is evident from Cherel’s journal writings and from her photography that she could easily cast aside the less attractive attributes of any society and it’s people and find the good and positive in every interaction she had with human beings around the world.


This photograph brought to you by www.throughthelensofhercamera.com, www.cherelito.com and www.cherelitobook.com.

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1 Response to Harmony among People

  1. jansmolca says:

    Cheryl’s photography is amazing! She captures such beauty and spirit of human beings throughout the world! Although her life was cut short, she had experiences that many of us will not get to experience in our lifetime, how lucky we are that she shared these images with us!

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