Character Adds Strength

“I still find Japan hard to describe. It is more like praying.” ~ Cherel Ito 

Nine days before catastrophic events hit Japan, a blog entitled “Harmony among People” was featured on this blog site Through the Lens of Her Camera: A Dream Fulfilled.  The blog focused on the character of the Japanese people and photographer Cherel Ito’s communion with the country’s citizens back in the late 1970’s. 

Since the tsunami and earthquake hit Japan five days ago, news broadcasters have been reporting of the very same calm and cooperation of the Japanese people that Cherel observed throughout her travels to that country decades ago. Despite the horrific devastation that has left families without food and shelter and mourning the loss of their loved ones, panic has not ensued and the demeanor of the people has stayed true to their character. It is the Japanese people’s cooperation with one another that will rebuild this ravaged country. 

Photographer Cherel Ito set out with camera in hand ever in search of individuals whose inner character was reflected in their outward appearance. She was skilled at finding the best subjects for her photographic studies of people all over the world. She had a knack for finding just the right person whose portrait would display the character trait that she wanted her audience to see. 

Although there is no caption that accompanies the image of this African man, “Wisdom of the Ages” is what was captured, through the lens of her camera. Cherel’s photography has been heralded by the National Women in the Arts Museum in Washington, DC . The result of her rare ability, as a photographer, to read and translate through images, the deep emotions of her subjects. Her gift added strength to her accomplishments as an outstanding portrait photographer.

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