One-of-A-Kind Soul and Spirit

My photography is committed to ….unrehearsed moments of human expression.” ~Cherel Ito 

Cherel Ito’s work as a producer and editor in the filmmaking industry was a natural extension of her photography. Her interests led her to produce and edit films that many considered to be “off beat” or “avant-garde.” Even during an era of social activism and experimentation, her films about subjects such as voodoo ceremonies, anthropology and mythology were not of particular interest to the ordinary. Audiences with uncommon taste or progressive and visionary thinking were very interested in her work.

Cherel wandered the world, as a visionary, marveling and fulfilling her dream by studying differences in people and in culture. When she was engrossed in her film and photography work, she was absorbing as much as she could about mysteries of the family of mankind. 

She was, from all who knew her, a one-of-a-kind, in soul and spirit. Her photography goes far beyond photographic portraiture. She captured, through the lens of her camera, images that stir emotions and peak curiosity. They reveal the extraordinary and sensitive eye she had for capturing biographies of people through a single image. 

Ever the consummate artist, she edited her husband Teiji Ito’s musical soundtracks and created unique jewelry using primitive bones, crystals and beads. Cherel was a prodigious journal writer and reader and she created distinctive stationary paper and handcrafted books. 

Many would say Cherel was, perhaps, a bohemian. Great artistic talent is born out of  non-conformity. The most successful artists focus on finding different ways of presenting their Art.

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