Life from a Different Point of View

Truth in Haiti is like a kaleidoscope. It may appear one way, then suddenly shift.” ~
Cherel Ito

A few months ago, in the blog writing Mysterious Natural Disasters, life in Haiti today was compared with photo journalist Cherel Ito’s impressions of life there in 1975. Her descriptions of a place “so gentle and romantic” would in all probability be replaced today with words that include “international aid arriving daily.”

According to an article in Philanthropy Today, Associated Press reporter, Trenton Daniel, has exposed an additional issue, beyond the ramifications of natural disaster, of concern to the Haitian government. A matter of contention has come as a result of the outpouring of the generosity of relief charities that have arrived in the country of Haiti.

Jean-Max Bellerive, Haiti’s prime minister, has acknowledged that although the overwhelming support from NGOs has been fulfilling but it has resulted in a conundrum for the government of Haiti. There are few regulations and little supervision in place to deal with it. Thus procedures to use the aid most effectively are not in place. To read the full article on why Jean-Max Bellerive believes that steps need to examine closely Non-Governmental Organizations that are providing support to Haiti, please visit

On May 14, there will be a shift of political power in Haiti. President-elect Michel Martelly will take over. His political platform includes goals to better control and account for foreign aid. Perhaps necessary regulations will be put into place so that the government of Haiti will be seen from a different point of view – as a country who efficiently used the aid of it’s friends and allies to build a better world for it’s people.

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