In Good Company

Such energy and peace and steady with life. The rhythms feel good” ~ Cherel Ito 

People travel in circles. Our careers, interests and hobbies, often determine our company of friends and associates. Our attraction to others can bring both positive and negative influences to our lives. Beautiful physical features of a person can attract others and leave men and women feeling as if their dream has been fulfilled when they set their eyes on that special someone.

A truly gifted portrait photographer has the ability to see beyond the surface to discover the inner spirit of a person. When character traits such as warmth, vitality, peace, compassion, verve or humility are exposed through the lens of a camera, a masterpiece is born! 

Housed inside the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC are treasures of creativity from the 16th to the 20th century. The pieces of work that lie inside the walls of the museum are extraordinary showpieces from women in the arts who have had the ability to that go way beyond the ordinary. Creative interpretation of feelings, thoughts and ideas are translated into their craft. 

It is an important job for the curator of a museum to exhibit the prized collections so they are displayed and seen in the best light. In a museum dedicated to historic preservation of the best of the best, researching and compiling works of art is an enormous job. For more information on what it takes to be an art curator, please visit

We do not know exactly what criteria the National Museum of Women in the Arts used to select Cherel Ito’s photography to be included in their collection. We do know that her photographic images are in the company of other celebrated and distinguished artists from around the world!

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