Spiritual Stones

“Every minute is for observation and making connections.” ~ Cherel Ito 

Although there are no sandy beaches, theme parks or awe-inspiring mile high mountain vistas, the wailing wall is a place where millions of tourists flock to every year. The city of Old Jerusalem is a place to where many journey as part of a religious celebration of a son’s bar mitzvah or daughter’s bat mitzvah. 

The Western Wall, often referred to as the wailing wall, by non-Jewish observers who were accustomed to seeing Jewish people wailing in prayer at the wall, has been standing for more than two thousand years. All that remains of King Herrod’s Temple site, which was destroyed in 69 CE, is a wall of stones which is considered to be the holiest place in the world. Visitors come to pay spiritual homage to this site 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Many leave their prayers on pieces of paper between the stones of the wall. For more information on this holy city, Old Jerusalem and the Western wall, please visit http://bit.ly/lyMw2x

Cherel Ito’s life was a quest to understand different cultures, people and diverse forms of spirituality. She fulfilled one of her dreams when visited the Western wall in 1965. As she witnessed women offering their prayers at this holy location, she captured images through the lens of her camera of those who have been said to be at the “Gateway to Heaven.” Like many of Cherel Ito’s photographs, no words are needed to explain the scene. Cherel had a magnificent gift for telling stories through images alone. She was a master at her craft of photographic journalism. To order Cherel’s book of museum quality photography, please visit www.throughthelensofhercamera.com.


 This photograph brought to you by www.cherelitobook.com and www.cherelito.com.

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