Learning from the Elders

The beauty of simplicity – the simplicity of beauty.” ~ Cherel Ito 

One only needs to look at the face of this woman, distinguished by age, to know that she has accumulated a lifetime of wealth – of wisdom and knowledge about her people, the Native Americans Indians. It is apparent from the clutching of her yarn that Cherel Ito snapped this image, through the lens of her camera, as this woman was creating her art. The marks of time on her face tell us that the woman has probably been creating art for many decades. She is no doubt, a master of her craft. Art, for many past generations of Native Americans did not fulfill a dream of what they “wanted to be.” Rather, art was created out of sustainability and spirituality, as part of the fiber of their lives. 

The demise of Native American hand crafts, customs, folklore and traditions is of great concern to the elders of Native American people. Many feel responsibility to share and teach younger generations how to create Native American art and what life was like on Indian reservations during pioneering times. 

Out of the concern for the disappearance of native arts, the woman pictured has probably taught her children, grandchildren and community children how to shear a sheep, card and spin wool, and how to hand-dye yarn using natural resources such as berries, flowers, bark and roots. Throughout the seasons of her life, this woman most likely learned how to weave blanket, rugs and clothing too. 

The Native American Indians are deeply spiritual people, as was photographer Cherel Ito. This explains Cherel’s interest in seeking out tribes of Native American Indians throughout her photographic journeys. More of photographer Cherel Ito’s images capturing people in many places all over the globe can viewed by going to http://bit.ly/b4tHGl.

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