A Product of Art and Soul

I have learned to be at peace doing nothing – to empty the mind- simplify and curb desires.” ~ Cherel Ito 

Creative economy has been the buzzword in pockets all over the United States. It is about living a life fulfilled artfully through our passions and working with purpose in all that we do.

More and more, people are realizing that there is great personal value in fulfilling our lives with what we love to do, rather than just existing to make the almighty buck. Individuals are beginning to realize that the vicious circle of working lots of hours just to have, to spend, to accumulate and keep up with the Joneses does not necessarily make sense. It is not a sustainable way to live. It is hard to enjoy and live healthy lifestyles when we are stuck on the treadmill of working more hours just to be able spend more. 

Relationships, community, volunteerism, thinking beyond our selves and our material needs are beginning to take priority in people’s lives, as this slow economy has forced us to see that there are other ways of being. And that is not a bad thing! 

Cherel Ito was an artist, filmmaker and writer long before the term “creative economy” became hip! Most likely she would laugh if she heard the term “creative economy.” It was the way she existed day after day. She was just being herself! 

She realized her dreams through the lens of her camera. She was rich in creative currency and the way she lived her life was a product of art and soul.

To order the stunning photographic journal filled with the spirit of people all over the world, please visit www.cherelito.com and www.throughthelensofhercamera.com.

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