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Ito’s black-and-white photographs offer a chronicle of one woman’s journey to expand her humanity. … an important contribution to the museum’s growing collection of documentary photography,” said Susan Fisher Sterling, Chief Curator


To leaf through Cherel Ito’s book Through the Lens of Her Camera, is to discover that Cherel was the author of her own life, by the places she visited and the sites she saw. One gets the distinct feeling that the self-actualization process took place as she traveled the world putting other people and cultures into the context of her own unique life. 

Cherel’s book, a museum quality publication, is a scrapbook of sorts. Her brief and yet poignant journal writings along with the photographic images, answer the viewer’s questions such as:

  • Who are these people?
  • What is their place in their own small world and in the world at large?
  • Why does the subject matter to the photographer? 

Through the Lens of Her Camera also gives the viewer a strong sense of the questions that Cherel asked herself as she considered taking a shot: 

  • What is the subject feeling at the moment?
  • How can I best capture the emotion through the lens?
  • What can I and others learn from this experience?
  • Can a fulfilling story be told in this shot? 

Computer software provides ways for  photographers to manipulate, “doctor”  and crop photographs. It is handy for color correction, size adjustments and improving focus issues. But in this age of digital photography, programs such as Photoshop can not improve a photographer’s ability listen deeply and sensitively to their subject’s emotions, translate and create images that tell stunning stories. 

Cherel’s images teach photographers how to use emotive skills to capture great storytelling images.  If you wish to learn more about the art, writing, and photography of Cherel Ito, Through the Lens of Her Camera is now conveniently available through

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