Written All Over Her Face

People – their faces – a reflection of their soul.” ~ Cherel Ito

 A photograph captures a moment in a life. This one frame begs the question ‘Is this how this woman was feeling only in this very moment or is it a representation of an entire life?” As the viewer can see, cheerless emotion is written all over her face. 

Happy moments are not always seized in photojournalism. Depicted in this photographic portrait is a side of life that is at the polar opposite of a life of pleasure and plenty.  Perhaps it is the very reason Cherel Ito chose to capture this portrait through the lens of her camera. 

It would appear to the viewer the woman was a willing subject. Although guarded to a certain extent by the blanket enclosing her body, it appears she didn’t refuse to have her picture taken. Perhaps both subject and photographer wanted to tell a story that was too difficult to be expressed through words. 

To merge emotion and symbolism into one stunning shot, a photographer needs to have a keen eye and sharp intuition. Photojournalist Cherel Ito was blessed with both. The blanket is symbolic for the emotions the viewer feels for the woman through this image. It makes us, the viewers, want to wrap our loving arms around this woman and give her warmth, safety, shelter and hope. 

For more information on using symbolism in photography, please visit http://bit.ly/pzWgmY

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2 Responses to Written All Over Her Face

  1. I’m really drawn to this photo. I can’t seem to grasp the emotion she’s feeling….but even more than that I find myself wondering if her soul is a reflection of her physical being or if somewhere deep inside she is a lively and youthful spirit with so much left to give the world. Great!

  2. Dear Stephanie,
    Great insightfulness and thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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