The intention of this blogsite is engage the reader in the vision of a world photographer and artist, Cherel Ito, as she traveled to near and far off places, fulfilling her dream. The photographic journal, Through the Lens of Her Camera, was published in memory of Cherel to share with others her ability to capture a fleeting moment, the spirit of humanity, and her unique perspective and translation of the world and it’s people. This was the focus of her life as an artist, whether it was communicated through her photography, her journal writings or as a filmmaker.

Through the Lens of Her Camera has not previously been available for sale to the public through the internet. It has been sold at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. It holds great appeal for those trying to understand different cultures. Photographers, filmmakers, and women in the Arts who are learning to utilize their gifts to capture the human condition through various mediums of creative expression, find this artistic photographic journal inspiring and thought provoking. The photographs presented are accompanied by words drawn from Cherel’s journals, which beautifully and simply communicate the viewpoint of the artist. 

Numerous places Cherel Ito visited are newsworthy today for catastrophic reasons and for reasons related to global issues. Cherel’s photographs bring awareness to the strength, the frailty and the pulse of the people who are living in this Universe – we call Earth.

“And now, I’ll never rest in peace until I can give out a piece of my soul to whomever in the world wants to see or hear about it.” ~ Cherel Ito 1947 – 1999


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